June 7, 2022

It’s no secret that the build-to-rent market is ramping up across Australia. But what does this mean for property developers and how does the marketing strategy differ compared to the traditional build-to-sell model?

As the lack of affordable and accessible housing becomes more apparent in Australia’s capital cities, the Great Australian Dream narrative that suggests home ownership can lead to a better life now feels far too distant from reality.

New research shows that four out of five Australians now perceive home ownership as ‘unachievable’ in their lifetime as prices continue to soar.

As any reputable property developer knows, buyers – whether investors or owner occupiers – are demanding more. More recreational amenity, more ways to connect with others and the community, more home inclusions and more ‘bang for buck’. But what do renters want and how can marketers tap into this growing segment?

The build-to-rent solution

Long considered a stepping stone to home ownership, the idea of renting is now becoming a preference for many. Whether for lifestyle, affordability or flexibility, renting is here to stay.

Although not a new concept, the build-to-rent model is slowly taking Australia by storm with new developments popping up in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

In its built form, dedicated rental communities are not that different to build-to-sell. A desirable mix of apartment configurations and amenity are still essential to attract enquiries and often are major drivers for converting leads to customers.

The differences lie within the marketing process and the ongoing operation of the building.

This is where Plural Communications comes in…

Expertise in marketing a build-to-rent project is invaluable for the success of new developments in this hot sector.

With proven experience, the team at Plural Communications understands the unique challenges associated with marketing a build-to-rent development.

We know that the success of a build-to-rent project requires a holistic, integrated marketing approach that includes the right storytelling, branding, positioning and digital advertising.

Unlike a build-to-sell strategy that is focused on a once-off, large transaction, marketing a build-to-rent project requires nurturing and community-building tactics that make a tenant want to commit to a lease now and into the future.

We know the market

Through our extensive work with a local build-to-rent up-and-comer, we have developed a deep understanding of the rental market in Brisbane and know what renters are looking for.

At every life stage, from awareness through to conversion, we have built solid foundations for developing and executing truly integrated marketing communication plans that are proven to reach the right audience at the right time.

It’s all in the timing

Unlike a traditional build-to-sell project, rental communities have a very limited window of opportunity to market and lease all available apartments to ensure good return to your investors.

With our specialist digital marketing capabilities, on-trend brand and creative solutions and strategic, proactive approach to public relations, Plural Communications is well placed to assist built-to-rent developers through the awareness, launch and lease of their projects.

We know what’s important to you, as the developer, and your investors, and that’s to reach full occupancy as quickly as possible. And it all starts during the construction phase.

From day one, we collect as much user and marker data as possible to inform our digital, creative and PR approach. By adopting an integrated and seamless approach across all channels we can captivate, inspire and motivate the right audiences at the right time.

A digital-first approach

Utilising carefully-crafted brand messages, unique storytelling and creative assets, we can develop a web presence for build-to-rent projects that is undeniably distinctive.

REA, Google search, social media. A digital-first approach to marketing build-to-rent is a sure-fire way to achieve success.

At Plural Communications we understand the importance of REA for property developers. But we also know how to harness the power of SEO to beat REA at its own game.

By developing alternative channels to REA for qualified rental enquiries direct to the business, we can ensure a cost-effective and steady lead funnel.

The benefits? A healthy database for both current and future projects.

So, what are you waiting for?

The time for build-to-rent is now. It’s a win for tenants seeking affordability, flexibility and lifestyle in their chosen home, and a win for developers and operators with build-to-rent apartments achieving higher rents than build-to-sell.

Whether you’re a build-to-rent veteran, an industry newcomer or an established build-to-sell developer looking to break into this hot sector, we have the expertise to bring your project to life.